Win or lose, take ownership of it, because you are in charge of what you train

I was looking at a recent training video on my YouTube channel, and realized that I have an obsession with the idea of winning.

For example, in the video training that I put out last week, I said “This is the time to learn how to win.” The concept of winning came up repeatedly, and it was mentioned in passing in a lot of the other training videos. It’s a nice idea, but I am trying to avoid it.

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I am training for me. I’m training for my goals, to see if I can get myself where I need to be. As long as I am making progress, I will be happy. With that in mind, here are three things you need to do to win (in the sense of getting yourself to a level you’d like to attain, but don’t have the time or ability to work at it): 1) Change up your training routine I’ve had a long-running training routine for years. It’s not a bad routine, but it’s one that is effective for me because it keeps me in a “routine” mindset. It’s kind of a “routine” with the exception of the workouts that are designed to develop new muscle. For me, a workout that targets a new muscle is, well, like a workout you’d do anyway. If I get into a routine and do the same thing every workout for a week or a month, I’ll eventually get bored with it. Plus, I’ll eventually get bored with the results that come from it. For me, the key to training is to change things up from week to week. That’s a good habit to develop as a general rule, but if you need to develop it for yourself, you need to start small. Start with week two and spend one or two days of the week doing one workout that is different from the other.

new muscles

If you’re comfortable with that, move into the second week with a new workout, then the third with two exercises designed to target a different muscle group. 2) Change up your fitness goals You will find that the goals you set for your training program will change over the course of your training. By the end of your training program, you will develop muscle groups you never thought you’d have and will be much stronger and faster and be able to jump rope higher.