Falling down is how we grow. Staying down means missing training

And missing training means losing time. I’ll bet you can think of times when you’ve fallen and stayed down.

Or even fallen, then stayed down. When you fell, fell hard, and then got up, you probably realized the wisdom of staying down. A big part of growing is letting go of things you don’t want, or things too risky or difficult. But not all of the time, right? There is nothing better than staying down, so if you’re a trainer or a coach, make sure you’re not falling down before you hit the ground. Let others know what you’re feeling by posting in the comments, and reach out to experts and coaches whose work you admire. You’ll get feedback. Then you’ll know you’ve chosen the right course of action for your body and the situation.

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I know a woman who went through a period of “falling down” for six months, even after she had been in a good shape physically. When she fell and got back up, she was shocked by how much weight she had removed. After a few falls she knew that the biggest challenge was staying in the bottom of the weight loss pile. Now she enjoys eating better and working out regularly and she maintains her weight. When she falls, she’s not frustrated by weight gain, she’s just disappointed that weight loss didn’t include her current body. A woman who is overweight has the same challenge of losing weight and maintaining it.

part of growing

The challenge is to stay the same weight instead of falling back down. So don’t put yourself at risk by falling down. And remember: Falling down is how we grow. A friend of mine told me that she doesn’t like to be surprised by anything, including losing weight. In fact, most of the time she doesn’t even see a reason to be surprised anyway. She told me she’s been able to maintain her weight since she began eating better, exercising regularly by jumping rope.