Six Different Uses for Your Credit Card

credit cards as a toolYour credit card can be used for more than just buying things. There are six different uses for your credit card. Find out what they are in this article.

Using a Credit Card Without Spending Money!

Most people use a credit card for buying things. Did you know that there are others uses for your credit card? I found six different uses for your credit card and you don’t even have to spend a dime.

I was familiar with one of the tips I found, but I was amazed with the other different uses.

Scrape frost from a windshield

If you have frost on your windshield, you can use your card to scrape off the frost. This might be safer than using a scraper because it won’t scratch up your windshield as easily as a scraper.

Open a locked door

This is the tip I was familiar with already. Slide the credit card between the door and the frame to press the latch into the door. If the bevel faces the other way, cut the card into an L shape, insert it and pull it towards you. I tried this tip before and it worked. I wouldn’t advise using this tip to break into someone’s house. LOL!

Scrape wax off of a table

If you get candle wax on your table, you can use the credit card to scrape it off. If may not get all of it off, but it will get the majority of the wax off of the table.

Clean your nails

Use the edge of the card to clean under your nails. It would be like using a nail file to clean under your nails. Now I know what to use to clean my nails if I don’t have a nail file in my pocketbook.

Scrape paint

You can use your card to scrape off peeling paint. This would help if you don’t have access to a scraper.

Play guitar

If you don’t’ have a guitar pick, you can use the corner of an old credit card. You don’t have want to mess up your new one. You also won’t have to hurt your fingers because you can have an instant guitar pick.

These are all the different uses for credit cards. Who knew there were so many things to use your credit card for other than buying things? If you don’t have a credit card, you can always try an old library card.

I must stress that if you try any of these tips, you should use an old credit card and not your current card.

If something happens to the card, at least it wouldn’t affect your current one. Feel free to add any different uses you have for credit cards.

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