Eight Alternative Uses for Lemons and Lemon Juice

alternative uses for lemonsLemons are a very versatile fruit, having a wonderful fragrance and are very useful for many different purposes around the home and elsewhere.

1. All purpose cleaner

Lemon juice is made up from about 5% acid which makes it an ideal cleaning agent for use around the home. An equal amount of juice and water in a spray bottle is effective for kitchen and bathroom use and can even be used on walls and fiberglass (learn more) although it is wise to spot test first. Also add some juice to any vinegar based cleaning solutions will neutralize and mask the vinegar smell.

2. Cleaning your microwave

In order to help clean and neutralize any lingering smells in your microwave after cooking, heat a bowl containing a few lemon slices for 30 seconds. Then wipe clean.

3. Dishwashing

Add a small amount of lemon juice to your normal washing up liquid and it will boost the grease cutting power. This can be seen by certain manufacturers now actually producing lemon based detergents. Care should be taken however if attempting to use lemon juice in a dishwasher, the acid can cause damage to stainless steel items if too high a concentrated amount is used.

4. Cleaning chopping boards

Try rubbing lemon juice into your wooden chopping board and then leave overnight. In the morning rinse off and this will ensure that odors are neutralized and any lingering bugs are removed.

5. To lighten hair color

Dampen your hair and sit out in the sunshine for an hour or so (this tip does take into account that you live in a climate where the sun manages to shine on occasions). An alternative use with hair is to mix the juice of a lemon with some warm water and use as a hair conditioner, although care should be taken if suffering from a sensitive scalp.

6. As an antiperspirant

In the situation where you are suffering from body odor and are not able to find a commercially bought anti perspirant, find a wedge of lemon (talk nicely to your friendly, local bartender) and apply. This is an excellent remedy in an urgent situation, but do not try it if you suffer from irritated arm pits or onto broken skin. It will be very painful!

7. Easing sore throats and harsh coughs

Mix a couple of teaspoons of lemon juice to half a teaspoonful of honey. Swallow the resultant mixture and you will feel better fast. Repeat at regular intervals until the symptoms desist.

8. Invisible ink

And finally, one for the younger (or young at heart) among us. To send secret messages to your friends or colleagues, use lemon juice instead of ink in your fountain pen (or quill). Write your message on a sheet of paper and to most people it will just look like a blank piece of paper.

But to those in the know, if they hold the paper to sunlight or a source such as a light bulb, as if by magic the message will appear. Another way to make the message appear is to rub over the paper with a wax crayon.

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